Contracts Writing, agreements and legal opinions

Livre ouvert, avec texte à teneur légale.

The vast majority of misunderstandings can be prevented (or resolved) through the appropriate contract or agreement.

If you have a conflict or disagreement with a client, a tenant, a business partner, a friend, etc., or if you want to prevent a possible misunderstanding, Me Fortier will write the documents you need.

Are you starting a project with a partner? Me Fortier recommends that you make things clear between you and anticipate the various possible risks through a contract. She will be able to accompany you in your projects and write the contract that is appropriate to the situation and adapted to your needs.

Are you lending money to a friend? Me Fortier suggests that you provide the terms of repayment and clarify other details of this situation to avoid future conflicts.

If you offer services to clients (for instance, if you are a photographer), Me Fortier offers to draft a service contract that your clients will sign, so that you can provide your services in a setting that you have clearly established. This will avoid problems and will allow you to have everything on hand if the situation escalates or ends in court. With it, you will be able to determine not only all the various details of your services, but you will also be able to foresee the sanctions in case of a breach of contract.

Finally, if you have questions for which you wish to obtain answers, Me Fortier will carry out the necessary research in the jurisprudence, the legislation and the doctrine in order to write her legal opinion.