Custom Wedding Celebration and Organization

Nouveaux mariés

This day will forever be engraved in the memory of the newlyweds, so it is essential that the celebrant be up to the task.

Being a meticulous organizer and a very detail-oriented person, Me Fortier offers her services both for the celebration of your wedding and for its organization. Depending on your needs, she is surrounded by trusted partners, such as photographers and others.

Me Fortier is an experienced wedding celebrant, and knows how to adapt each ceremony to her clients. She makes a point of creating unique ceremonies, tailor-made and reflecting the bride and groom's unique preferences.

If you want to include specific elements to your ceremony (for instance, a flight of butterflies or doves, immortalization of footprints, filling ceremonial vases, etc.), Me Fortier will be able to advise you and may also share with you some anecdotes to help you decide.

She also keeps abreast of what's trending in weddings and celebrations, so she can offer services that meet your expectations and reflect the latest trends.

If you already have a clear idea of what you want, great! Me Fortier will help you achieve your dream wedding.

Me Fortier will be happy to design and manage all the aspects that surround these wonderful moments, from the most beautiful to the most unpleasant details (because yes, there are some...).

Her greatest reward is to see her clients's eyes shining.

Livre ouvert et anneaux de mariage