Me. Fortier, lawyer, will  accompany her clients through the various stages of the judicial process. She remains aware at all times that this is a difficult time for her clients, who are facing psychological, financial and emotional stress.

Our services

Contract Writing

The vast majority of misunderstandings can be prevented (or resolved) through the appropriate contract or agreement. If you have a conflict or disagreement with a client, a tenant, a business partner or a friend, or if you want to prevent a possible misunderstanding, Me Fortier will write the documents you need.

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Family Mediation

Whether they are in the process of separating or already separated, she offers couples with children the possibility of settling their differences by benefiting from government-subsidized mediation sessions. She also practices private mediation for couples who are not eligible for government-subsidized sessions.

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Wedding Celebration

Me Fortier is an experienced wedding celebrant, and knows how to adapt each ceremony to her clients. She makes a point of creating unique ceremonies, tailor-made and reflecting the bride and groom’s unique preferences.

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Family Law

Practising in both contested and uncontested family law, Me Fortier will be able to accompany you, no matter the situation you find yourself in.

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Criminal and Penal Law

Whether you have been arrested and must face the criminal justice system, or have only a parking ticket to challenge, Me Fortier can accompany and advise you in your best interests.

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