Criminal and Penal Law

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You have been arrested ? Me Fortier can accompany and advise you

You have a defense to assert? Me Fortier is here for you!

If you have been arrested and must deal with the criminal justice system, Me Fortier can accompany and advise you, while always keeping your best interests at heart.

Whether this is your first time in court or not, you will always be received in a cordial, respectful and nonjudgmental way to think and decide how to proceed with your case.

Me Fortier possesses the skills necessary for negotiating effectively with the Crown and, if that is not the way forward, for the good management of your case before the judicial authorities.

Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty!

Think about absolution, which does not involve the registration of a criminal record.

The presumption of innocence is guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. What does that mean? A lot of things! It should be noted, for instance, that the prosecutor, who represents the state or the crown, has the burden of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you are guilty of the offense with which you are charged.

Me Fortier will be able to determine whether the prosecutor is able or not to prove this in court, which will enable her to decide on the best strategy for your case. If the evidence against you is solid and reliable, Me Fortier will work on all other aspects of your case and will study the possibility of negotiating the settlement that will be the most advantageous for you, for instance by getting the lightest sentence possible and limiting the consequences.

One must not be fatalistic and grieving. Some sentences leave less traces than others. Think about absolution, which does not involve the registration of a criminal record. Me Fortier always wants to get the best for her clients.

Penal Law

Do you want to dispute a ticket? Me Fortier can help you. Contact her as soon as you receive your fine so you can establish your strategy early.

Together, you will be able to assess the situation and your needs.

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