Family Law: Uncontested Situations

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Drafting and certification of an agreement

If you already have a mediator's report and want to draft an agreement to have it certified by a court, Me Fortier will be happy to do it for you.

If you and your ex-spouse want to each have your own lawyer, you should know that you can still resolve your situation through an agreement.

If only you or your ex-spouse want to have a lawyer, you can also resolve your situation with an agreement.

In each of these cases, Me Fortier will accompany you through the process.

Joint request

Me Fortier can represent you both!

Whether you are married or not, if you and your ex-spouse know that you will be able to get along, or if you have already agreed on how to resolve your situation, you can then proceed with a joint application.

Nowadays, and generally for the sake of saving money, the parties sometimes decide to represent themselves in court and venture to write their own legal documents. However, they usually do so without knowing their rights and the procedures in which they're entangling themselves. They are thus unable to assess the consequences of what they are undertaking, and which will bind them legally. This is why it's important to consult a professional. In order to avoid any hassle, potential conflicts, errors or shortcomings with the documents, you can count on Me Fortier.

As part of a joint application, such as a divorce, a change in the custody of your children or the cancellation of the child's pension, Me Fortier will be representing you both. As a result, you will apply together as co-plaintiffs and you will be jointly represented in court.

During the necessary meetings, Me Fortier will make sure you are aware of your respective rights and obligations and will ensure that your wishes comply with the law. She may also suggest options that are aligned with your wishes but that you may not have considered.

Following these meetings, Me Fortier will draft your agreement and submit it for homologation by the court.

This approach, just like mediation, allows the parties to maintain control of their situation and decide on the solution themselves, while avoiding years of litigation, complex and expensive court proceedings, anxiety and restless nights, stressful testimonies in court, etc.

Family Law: Contested Situations

Me Fortier will accompany her clients through the various stages of the judicial process.

Nevertheless, some situations cannot be settled amicably through an agreement or with family mediation. Whether it is, for instance, a request for, or modification of, custody and alimony, Me Fortier will accompany her clients through the various stages of the judicial process. She remains aware at all times that this is a serious ordeal for her clients who are facing psychological, financial and emotional stress.

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